Podcasts and Video

Beyond the Darkness with The Institute of Art and Ideas

Particle Physics through Astronomical Observations with Physics By The River

QofW: Is dark matter in lumps or like sand? with The Naked Scientists

Quantum entanglement on a big scale with The Naked Scientists

Meet the IPPP with the Institute for Particle Physics Phenomenology

The Big Bang and Black Holes with the Stephen Hawking Foundation

Universe Unravelled with Discovery

Axions Explained with STFC

Science Stand Up: Supernovae and Forks with The Naked Scientists

Why Do I Stress Eat? with The Naked Scientists

Creepy crawlies, quarks and counting with The Naked Scientists

Spacecraft Reunited with Space Boffins

Why is there always room for dessert? with The Naked Scientists

Never Explain with Science Showoff


Searching for String Theory with Athena

What’s the difference between a supernova and a fork?

Writing fan fiction for the universe

A sample of previous gigs

Are dreams made of atoms?, 26th – 28th July 2022 with Durham Fringe Festival

Stand-up with Supernova at Theatre by the Lake, 15th July 2022

Compere for The Variables at the Cambridge Science Festival, 12th March 2020

Opening for the Naked Scientists at the Cambridge Science Festival, 11th March 2020

Solo show at the Edinburgh Fringe with PBH, 5th – 10th August 2018

Solo show at The Great Yorkshire Fringe, 27th July 2018

Solo show at Brighton Fringe with Sweet Venues, 10th – 12th May 2018

Solo show at the Cambridge Fringe, 6th May 2018

Compere for Bright Club Guildford, 9th March 2017

Compere for Bright Club Southampton, 18th November 2016

Solo show the Edinburgh Fringe with PBH, 6th – 15th August 2016