23rd July, Never Explain

Live recording of science comedy podcast, hosted by Steve Cross

7:30pm at The Harrison, London

Tickets here

27th July, Physics Fan Fiction at The Great Yorkshire Fringe

7pm at the Basement, York

Tickets here

5th – 10th August, Physics Fan Fiction with PBH’s Free Fringe, Edinburgh

7:15pm at Tollbooth Market, Room 6

Free, unticketed

Some previous gigs

10th – 12th May, Physics Fan Fiction at Brighton Fringe

6th May, 10 Key Differences Between a Supernova and a Fork, solo show at the Cambridge Fringe

17th March 2018, Another Evening of Unnecessary Detail with Cambridge Science Festival

14th March 2018, Physics Fan Fiction, solo show with the Cambridge Science Festival

9th March 2017, Compere for Bright Club Guildford

18th November 2016, Compere for Bright Club Southampton

6th – 15th August 2016, Physics Fan Fiction, Solo show at the Edinburgh Fringe, with PBH